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    Medal – Commemorative, George V’s Silver Jubilee

    Percy Metcalfe George V Silver Jubilee Coin (coin) 31mm (box) 2 3/4" square x 3/8" high Notes: British sterling silver Commemorative medal issued for George V’s Silver Jubilee, in original red and blue fitted box.  The obverse features embossed conjoined busts of George V and Mary along with the date ‘VI MAII MCMX MCMXXV’ (6 May 1910 1935). And the reverse features a view of Windsor Castle under the latin phrase, ‘Stet Fortuna Domus’ (Let the Fortune of the House Stand); the initials ‘PM’, for the engraver Percy Metcalfe, can be seen at the horizon line right. Scroll Down for further details
    $125.00 $125.00
    $125.00 $125.00