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    Cambridge Glass – Console Bowl – Everglade, Buffalo Hunt, Amber

    Cambridge Glass (American, 1873-1958) ‘Buffalo Hunt’ Console Bowl, c. 1929 ‘Everglade’ Amber glass 16" diameter Notes: Mary Martha Mitchell, former secretary to Mr A J Bennet, President of the Cambridge Glass Company, explained that the [Buffalo Hunt] pattern was copied from a Frederic Remington painting and that it took over nine months to complete … and was discontinued shortly after its introduction. Mary Martha believed it was thirty years too soon for public acceptance.” (via National Cambridge Collectors, Inc., Newsletter Vol II, No. 3, September 30, 1972) Released as part of the ‘Everglade’ line it raised the bar for Cambridge, it is described by Larry Everett in Newsletter No. 343, Nov. 2001 as, “Not for the collector looking for small pieces to fill a tiny space on a wall shelf. Most example [of Everglade] are BIG, BOLD, statements in glass, designed to command attention and many were specifically designed as table centerpieces. If you have ever had the pleasure of seeing a large Everglade bowl … you know what I’m talking about.Scroll Down for further details
    $325.00 $325.00
    $325.00 $325.00