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  • djokja yogya bourjois perfume
    $275.00 $275.00

    Perfume – Djokja Yogya – 800 Silver, Bourjois

    Vintage Bespoke .800 silver scent / perfume bottle handcrafted in the Dutch Colonial Art Deco style of Yogya using the repoussé technique. The Austrian perfume fits into a custom silver base with rising repoussé, chased and reticulated lotus flowers rising from a traditional tik worked platter with lower festoon border. The bottle is capped with a matching custom screw-top with a repeating lotus pattern under a festooned border, the tip with a lotus from an aerial vantage, also with festooned border. Scroll Down for further details
    $275.00 $275.00
    $275.00 $275.00