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    George Jones – Sardine Box – Majolica

    Description: A novel figural Victorian sardine box made by George Jones. The form is comprised of three sardines artistically crafted into a handle built into a lid made of a faux-bed of seaweed; this fits on top of a faux-woven basket placed inside an integral fishing punt underplate. The exterior of the body is further glazed in rich high gloss naturalist tones of greens, whites, browns and the customary tortoiseshell effect mottled Rockingham & green ground; the underside of the lid is Pompadour pink and the basket interior the customary turquoise. Notes: The novelty form was not only evocative of the wit and whimsy of fashionable taste but provided a functional visual indicator of the presence of such a Victorian delicacy at the table (otherwise hidden by the opaque ceramic walls). Scroll Down for further details
    $980.00 $980.00
    $980.00 $980.00