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    SOLD – Harrach – Vase – Floral Bud Vase

    Sold Harrachov Glassworks (Bohemia, Est. 1712) / Floral Bud Vase, c. 1870-1890 Uranium Optic Stripe 6 ¼” high x 2 ¼” diameter Notes: Similar to Fig. 333 and attributed to Burtles, Tate & Co, Manchester and Fig. 347, “likely Manchester… but I have my doubts”, pg. 100 -101 in Manley’s Decorative Victorian Glass (1981). And other vases of this style and technique occasional attributed to Hodgetts, Richardson & Sons, amongst others, it falls under the “unsigned” category that has plagued scholars for decades. Modern scholarship however is making great strides and appears to have come to a consensus that these vases are made at the Harrachov Glassworks, Bohemia, rather than in England. British glass companies (including notable examples such as Stevens & Williams, & Webb) established a notable trade in the import of Bohemian glass during this era and actively sought to adopt and expand Bohemian techniques and styles. The British demand for Bohemian style coloured glass was sparked during the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, Crystal Palace, 1851, where Harrach took the gold medal. Their wondrous coloured glassware fit perfectly with the developing Victorian tastes. Uranium glass was in use at Harrach as far back as 1839 and subsequently perfected. This example Fluoresces strongly under black light and exhibits an especially curly branch and crimp finished pedals.
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    SOLD – Harrach – Tumbler – Tortoiseshell, Mica

    Sold Harrachov Glassworks (Bohemia, Est. 1712) / Champagne/Whiskey Tumbler, c. 1870-1890 Tortoiseshell & Ivory Glass with Mica 2 7/8"high x 1 5/8" wide
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    Harrach – Vase – Peachblow with Butterfly & Prunis Blossom

    Harrachov Glassworks (Bohemia, Est. 1712) / Often attrib. to Jules Barbe for Thomas Webb & Sons (England, 1859-1920)* Gilt Peachblow Vase Butterfly & Prunis Blossoms Silver & Gold Gilding European Japanese Aesthetic 10 ¾” high x 5 3/8” diameter Scroll Down for further details
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