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    Sold – Lenox Belleek – Tankard – EP Stevens, Colonial Revelry

    Description & Notes: Rare American Belleek porcelain tankard hand-painted by E. P. Stevens and made by Lenox, dated 1913. A commissioned piece, it bears an artistically entwined and embellished monogram on the front opposite the handle (a combination of the letters “M”, “H”, and “G”). This is flanked by two groups of superbly detailed men in Colonial dress engaged in fraternal revelry. The image harkens back to the founding days of the United States of America and is perhaps a tribute to the celebrations of freedom and independence. This configuration of figures is not unknown to American Belleek porcelain mugs but the attention to detail on this example represents an unusual level of quality. The setting and dress of the men appears to take place in a club house or private establishment as opposed to a common tavern: the environment is clean with finessed carpet details and their clothing and demeanor is well-kept and of presentable dress.