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    $325.00 $325.00

    Mary Gregory – Pitcher – Mountaineer

    Description & Notes: Rare paneled/ribbed optic emerald green glass pitcher with ‘Quarkman’ / “Mary Gregory” decoration of a jovial handle-bar mustached mountaineer tipping a hat, with applied handle and integral blown pad foot. There appears to be a gun slung across his back indicating this gentleman is also a hunter. This is an early and original “Mary Gregory” piece produced in Europe in the mid-late 19th Century. The cameo-esque white-on-white frit enamel is carefully applied offering fine detail to the figures draped clothing, curly hair and friendly features. The background is an elaborate scene of Rolling Meadows and forested countryside under the shadow of the alps, with two flying birds included for good measure. Scroll Down for further details
    $325.00 $325.00
    $325.00 $325.00