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    Silhouette – St Peter’s Chapel, Profile Miniature of a Woman, c. 1821

    St. Peter’s Chapel Profile Miniature of a Woman, c. 1821 hand-painted on paper w/ highlights Acorn and Leaf Frame (sight) 2 5/8” high x 2 1/8” wide (frame) 4 ¾” high x 4” wide Note: A profile miniature of an unidentified Georgian woman painted by hand in black with further hand-painted details, done in one sitting, at St. Peter’s Chapel, Michaelmas, 1821 for a Mr. Stephen. The trade label was trimmed by the artist to fit the oval frame and as such some of the inscription and artist’s signature is lost to the clippings. On the trade label verso is a later pencil inscription and date relaying, “Thomas Shedden Esquire / 17 April 1843.” Scroll Down for further details
    $295.00 $295.00
    $295.00 $295.00