Edward HOBBS – Model Sailing Boats, 1st Ed

Edward HOBBS – Model Sailing Boats, 1st Ed

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A hardcover First Edition of ‘Model Sailing Boats: Their Design, Building and Sailing with 352 Photographs, Diagrams and Working Drawings’ by Edward W. Hobbs, published by Cassel and Company, Ltd., London, 1923.

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Title: Model Sailing Boats
Series: Cassell’s “Model” Series
Author: Hobbs, Edward W.
Publisher: Cassel and Company, Ltd., London
Size: 8 ¼” tall x 5 5/8” wide
Date: 1923
Edition: 1st
Binding: Light brown blind stamped cloth. Front Cover: Gilt title and author, impressed geometric border and series name, brown impressed sailing scene of two ships at sea. Spine: Gilt title, author and publisher, dark brown impressed series name inside column and geometric borders

Condition: Excellent (8), Ownership Inscription and Date 1927



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