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Ashtray – Amateur Trap Shooting Association Trophy, Sterling, Cigar

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William Waldo Dodge Jr (North Carolina, United States, 1895-1971)
Amateur Trap Shooting Association, 3rd Prize
Match Holder & Ashtray
sterling silver
6” diameter

Early 20th Century American hand-planished cigar ashtray awarded for 3rd prize by the Amateur Trap Shooting Association for the 1930 State Championships executed by noted American silversmith William Waldo Dodge.

Markings: centrally engraved, “STATE TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS / THIRD PRIZE”; engraved either side emblem on rim, “GAH / [ATA Laurel Wreath Emblem] /  1930”;  impressed on base, “DODGE / EAGLE / 925/1000 / SHIELD / BY HAND”

Silversmith Biography: WILLIAM WALDO DODGE, JR. Asheville, North Carolina. He was born in Wahington, D.C. on February 6, 1895, son of William W. dodge and Mary Amelia Parker Dodge. Attended Princeton University and later graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology (MIT) in Architecture in 1916; Maters Degree from MIT. Spent a year and a half at Oteen Military Hospital and Gaylord Sanitarium recovering from combat disabilities. There he learned to make handwrought silver. Married Margaret Wheeler in 1921 and tought in Asheville. Opened a shop there to make handwrought silver. Practiced architecture as William Waldo Dodge, Fr. A.I.A. His major silver works were for country clubs and rifle associations for annual trophies. On of his better-known commissions was the Mayflower Cup now in the Archives and History exhibit in Asheville. He dies there February 21, 1971. Dodge is many collections and is placed alongside, Christopher Dresser, Archibald Knox, and William Spratling.

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william waldo dodge ashtray match holder sterling
Ashtray – Amateur Trap Shooting Association Trophy, Sterling, Cigar
$675.00 $675.00