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Stiletto – Victorian, Bone

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Sewing stilettos were used for a number of needlework tasks. Many of the bodices of the time were laced with cord, and the stiletto was used to make the lacing holes, which were then embroidered in buttonhole stitch, in the fabric. Many garments, as well as handkerchiefs, were embellished with crocheted edges. A stiletto was used to make holes in the edge of the fabric through which the crochet hook was passed to create the trim. The stiletto was an indispensable component of any needlework tool set.”

This is a fine example of a Victorian era turned bone or ivory hand stiletto with knob top. It is in Excellent Antique Condition with original patina. It measures 3 3/15” long x ¼” diameter.

Provenance: This stiletto was purchased at the Estate Sale of the Gatecliff family. A significant portion of items in the sale are by and from the collection of the artist and craftsman John Gatecliff. Given the date of this object it is likely a part of that portion. The Gatecliff family travelled extensively but this piece is likely British.

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Stiletto – Victorian, Bone
$30.00 $30.00