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Harrach – Rose Bowl – Mat-su-Noke, Uranium, 4 3/4″

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Harrachov Glassworks (Bohemian, Est. 1712)
// Often attributed to Stevens & Williams (England, Est. 1776)*
‘Mat-su-no-ke’ Rose Bowl, c. 1860-1895
applied, tooled, shaped and blown uranium glass
4 ¾” high x 6” diameter

Description: An Aesthetic period uranium art glass rose bowl with applied mat-su-no-ke decoration made by Harrachov Glassworks (Bohemian, Est. 1712), c. 1860-95. Following the Japanese inspired design precepts of the day a single swept branch of blossoms and leaves is carefully laid across the simplified fleshy body.

*Note: For many decades there has been much confusion surrounding certain Victorian/Edwardian era art glass. Recent scholarship has re-attributed many objects thought to be by Stevens & Williams, Stourbridge, to Harrachov Glassworks, Bohemia. These previous attributions weren’t made lightly by amateurs but by established bodies within the art world with first-hand knowledge of pattern books and designers. During the 19th and early 20th Century the Japanese Aesthetic was in vogue and this technique, itself often found with variable spelling across the most official sources (mat-su-noke / matsu-noke), was utilized by a wide variety of glasshouses. Retailers also imported and sold glass from other glasshouses leading to an increase in confusion of who made what. The Bohemian glass “craze” of the 21st Century has helped such attributions settle into firmer territory, the cross-border dialogue and influx of evidence has settled this style towards the Harrachov Glassworks, Bohemia. Every bit a quality piece of art glass

Condition: Antique, Very Good
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age.

Champagne bottle included for scale only.

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harrach uranium mat su noke rose bowl
Harrach – Rose Bowl – Mat-su-Noke, Uranium, 4 3/4″
$450.00 $450.00