New England Glass – Carafe – Pamona, Second Grind

New England Glass – Carafe – Pamona, Second Grind

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New England Glass Co (England, 1818-1888)
Pamona (second grind) Carafe, c. 1886-1888
enameled, acid-etched, hand-blown glass
7 ½” high x ~5″ in diameter

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Notes: An American art glass Pamona (second grind) carafe, 7 ½ inches high x ~5 inches in diameter, made between 1886-1888 by the New England Glass Co. (1818 -1888), Cambridge area of Boston, Massachusetts, unsigned. The globular body of the vase has an allover thumbprint pattern with a wrythen twist on the wide medium length slightly flared neck and an open fire polished mouth. The clear glass vase is covered with a frosted acid etching up to the middle of the neck where it ends in a scalloped border with the rest of the neck clear. Around the center of the body is a concentric band of 8 cornflowers each surrounded by four radiating leaves. These flowers are equally spaced along a straight vine and each flower is separated by two opposing leaves. The flowers are mineral stained a pale blue while the leaves and vine are light amber. The base has a polished pontil.

Condition: Antique, Excellent Condition.
For Accuracy Only: there is a long internal bubble near the opening of the vase, this is from production and is common and NOT considered damage. An excellent example.


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