Sklo Union – Figurine – Jutka Forejtova, #13171, Modernist Nude

Sklo Union – Figurine – Jutka Forejtova, #13171, Modernist Nude

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Sklo Union Bohemia Glass (Czechoslovakia)
Jitka Forejtova for Rudolfova Hut

‘Lady Centerpiece’ #13171, c. 1960’s
frosted glass
6 1/4″ high

Sklo Union Bohemia Glass, Czechoslovakia, post WWII Modernist Glass sitting nude figurine, 6 ¼ inches high, made of clear moulded glass with a frosted finish, circa 1960s. Designed by Jitka Forejtova for Rudolfova Hut, part of the Sklo Union glassworks, a lady centrepiece (pattern 13171).  The nude is sitting on the raised circular base with both her legs pulled up against her bottom. She rests both elbows on her knees and both arms support her head. The base is hollow and has a rough base cut.

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CONDITION: The figurine is in excellent vintage condition with a bubble embedded near the knees and another internal light scuff nearby. Both of these were caused by the manufacturing process and are not considered damage and do not detract from its beauty. The small misshapen gold foil label with raised silver lettering is compressed (possibly from washing) and only legible with a loupe. It is identical to the one pictured in reference #1 below.


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