Theorem – 19th Century, Fruit on Velvet

Theorem – 19th Century, Fruit on Velvet

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19th Century
Theorem Work on Velvet Fabric
‘Fruits’ (Peaches, Strawberries, Grapes, Gooseberries)
(sight) 8 1/16” high x 7 1/8” wide
(framed) 9 ¼” high x 8 ¼” wide

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Summary: Antique folk art theorem depicting peaches, strawberries, grapes, and gooseberries on a cream velvet ground. A theory proves itself through repetition and it is from this word base that theorem in the artistic sense is derived; here, an artists, likely a young woman, has carefully arranged a set of stencils to propose an attractive arrangement of fruit in a genteel manner to suit the sensibilities of a 19th Century home.

Now, of all the methods ever introduced in the art of painting .. that of the theoremetical takes the lead; more particularly in flower painting, in which the beautiful tints, lights and shades, which can be so easily accomplished, even by a child, remain unrivalled; whilst the mystery of the performance lies hidden from the nicest critic.” ~ Matthew D. Finn, New York, c. 1830

Condition: Antique, Very Good
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age.


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