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Amphora – Planter – Figural, Woman Carrying Baskets

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Antique figural vase/planter of a woman in orange tones “burnished” in gilt carrying gilt green baskets, made by the Amphora Factory Riessner & Kessel, circa 1905-1910.

A woman is pleased with a harvest, an unknown bounty, the baskets on her back and in her left hand are left empty, for the owner to fill with whatever one may wish to situate inside, her right hand holds up the front of her apron where more of the mystery haul is contained. Her facial expression is serene.

Dimensions: 16 ⅜” high x 8 ¼” wide x 6 ½” deep

Markings: fully marked on base with Amphora Factory Riessner & Kessel impressed circle marks, “AMPHORA”, “AUSTRIA”, “4625”/ “24” , Crown Mark; hand-painted “723h”

Notes: This novel figure is delightful; she exists as if out of a painting and is sculpted to be viewed from any angle.

Condition: Very Good Antique Condition: for accuracy there are a couple of glaze flakes around the bottom, these are minor and largely negligible. The modeling is excellent with the attention to detail one expects with this caliber amphora; the baskets are ample sized small planters (4 ½” x 4 ½” and 5 ¼” x 2 ½”).

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Amphora – Planter – Figural, Woman Carrying Baskets
$495.00 $495.00