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Helena Wolfsohn – Vase – Fête Galante & Floral Vase

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Porzellanmalerei Helena Wolfsohn Nachf. (Germany, 1878-1893)
Fête Galante & Floral Vase, c. 1879
hand-painted, gilt trim, yellow and white
9 ¼” high x 6 ¾” diameter

Notes: A Helena Wolfsohn vase painted front and back with fête galante scenes, on a white ground, between panels of lush floral bouquets, on a yellow ground, all panels separated by a gilt scrolling border, the top and bottom with a floral burst to accompany each panel, made at Porcelain Helena Wolfsohn (Germany, 1878-1893). The front panel depicts a young couple with fixed gaze in 18th Century dress sitting on rocks, the woman pleasantly gesturing to a wine barrel atop a post and lintel bench, the backdrop a lush grove with two cypress trees within a garland arch on the left and a tree with a dead branch on the right. The backdrop of the back-panel echo’s that on the front with the lintel structure obscured by the grove and replaced by a pyramid with spherical finial, the garland arch replaced by a reverse of the dead branch with autumn foliage, and the happy couple smitten on the rock, the woman now playing a guitar. One bouquet features a tulip and the other a rose.

Markings: blue on white Augustus Rex backstamp on base, c. 1878-1883

Condition: Excellent, Antique
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age. There is minimal rubbing to the gilt at the rim, and a couple of extremely light and negligible scratches on the body. The painting, gilt border and overall presentation is very fine, all hand-painted with bright colours.

Reference: The mark, derivative of Meissen, was put into production in 1878 by Leopold Elba. The courts ruled the mark had to be changed in 1883 when it was kept with the addition of an arrow in defiance. (https://collection.canterburymuseum.com/persons/70098/helena-wolfsohn) Leopold Elba was married to Helena’s daughter Emilie (Wolfsohn) Elba and this change was initiated after Emilie took over the factory. The loss to Meissen at court would nearly bankrupt the Elba family and is said to have been the cause of the closure of the factory and a rapid decline in the health of Emilie. (https://www.porcelainmarksandmore.com/germany/saxony/dresden-02/index.php)

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Helena Wolfsohn – Vase – Fête Galante & Floral Vase
$950.00 $950.00