SOLD – Mintons – Coffee Can – Blue Carnations

SOLD – Mintons – Coffee Can – Blue Carnations


Mintons (England, 1793-1968)
Attrib. Richard Redgrave (England, 1804-1888)
Coffee Can & Underplate
Arts & Crafts / Aesthetic
(cup) 2 3/8” high x 2 ¾” diameter (3 ½” wide at handle)
(saucer) 4 ¾” high x ½” high


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Description: A fine Mintons coffee can decorated with pattern no. G2713, blue carnations and gilt, British Arts & Crafts Movement, circa 1881. A perfectly matched and original set. The diminutive cup has straight slightly sloping sides with a squared handle “attached” by faux fastening strips. A band of fresh blue carnations encircles the body, “growing” up from the base as if in situ, the form finished in a strong gilt. The saucer decoration follows suit with a band of flowers around the central cup well and up into the high sloping and softly rounded sides, the well interior and rim delineated in gilt.

Notes: This pattern is strongly reminiscent of the work of Richard Redgrave (1804-1888), recall the ‘Well Spring’ pattern designed and adapted to fit a variety of Mintons ware among other manufacturers and mediums. Redgrave designed other patterns taken up at Mintons and the resemblance is uncanny – the difference being stems topped with blue carnations instead of bulrushes (or simply reeds depending on the variation).

Markings: impressed on base of underplate, “MINTONS / [illegible code] [1881 date code] [illegible code]”, inscribed in red paint near edge, “G2713”; inscribed on base of cup, “G2713 / [circle with a central dot and a dot to the upper right]”

Dimensions (cup): 2 3/8” high x 2 ¾” diameter (3 ½” wide at handle)
Dimensions (saucer): 4 ¾” high x ½” high

Condition: Very Good Condition
For Accuracy Only: there is some light staining to the underside of the plate, and a tight crack near the handle coming down from the rim, else the enamel and gilt is pristine. This is a scarce pattern and desirable form



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