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Wadgwood – Medallion – Cupid Finding Psyche

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Description: An early pale blue jasper medallion showcasing Cupid finding Psyche bound to a tree, made by Jean Voyez, after Wedgwood, made c. 1770-1800.

Notes: The attention to detail shows the degree to which Voyez is faithful to the Wedgwood process. A true 18th Century pirate it even bears the same ‘66’ inscription present on the originals; many likely made by himself at the official potteries.

Condition: Very Good Vintage Condition – no damage, no repair. There are two minuscule flea bites, one 1/32” the other 1/16”, along the backside edge as is common on these plaques (visible from the back only under close scrutiny, not visible from the front).

Biography: Voyez was enthusiastically hired by Josiah Wedgwood in 1768 for a job as a modeler at the Burslem factory wherein it was quickly discovered his resume may have been inflated and his talents not suited to creation. Wedgwood kept faith and shifted his workload to replicating the originals of Mrs. Landre, a skill that would later make him notorious. Within the year Voyez gets in trouble with the law is sentenced to a public flogging and imprisonment. Wedgwood & Bentley decide he is nothing but trouble and recognize he holds the keys to many company secrets and has the skills to train their competitors. They agree to pay his board and wage for two years for doing nothing in hopes it will keep him out of trouble. It fails and the always ambitious Voyez is courted by a variety of unscrupulous characters and goes on to become a master forger as well as an employee of the reputable James Tassie. Voyez used the “WADGWOOD” moniker as well as “WEDGWOOD”.

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Wadgwood – Medallion – Cupid Finding Psyche