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Bowl – Birks – Ellis, Engraved, Sterling, 1936, 538g

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Birks (Canada, Est. 1879)
Bowl, c. 1936
Sterling silver
3 ¾” high x 8 7/8” diameter
538 grams (17.3 troy ounces)

Description: Large sterling silver serving or centerpiece bowl with an ample body, rolled rim and integral foot decorated with a band of engraved scrolling foliates around the mouth, made by Henry Birks and Sons, after their takeover of PW Ellis & Co (Toronto, 1879-1928) in 1928.

Markings: impressed on base ‘BIRKS’ / ‘ELLIS’ / pseudo-marks for 1936 / ‘STERLING’ 

Condition: Very Good
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age. The patina is warm and left as found for the buyer’s personal polishing preferences.

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birks ellis sterling bowl
Bowl – Birks – Ellis, Engraved, Sterling, 1936, 538g
$695.00 $695.00