Match Safe – Swaddled Baby

Match Safe – Swaddled Baby

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Match Safe
‘Swaddled Baby’
Cast Brass
American, 19th Century
2 ⅜” length; 1” width; ⅝” depth

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Description: Antique American cast brass advertising match safe, circa 19th Century.

Notes: This example exhibits a finesse of detail with a floral print shirt folded carefully to swaddle a grinning infant and tailored with seams, collar and buttons. The top swings open on a hinge allowing for storage of matches in the interior.

Babies swaddled in men’s shirts were typically advertising pieces given out by individual businesses within the clothing industry. They were made by metal ware companies and distributed to multiple businesses and thus are rarely, if ever, physically branded with business names or logos. It is unknown who made, offered or retailed this particular example as there are no identifying features.

Dimensions: 2 ⅜” length; 1” width; ⅝” depth

Condition: Very Good Condition.
For Accuracy Only: the internal hinge bar is missing, else excellent – in working order.


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