Match Safe – Trompe L’oeil Pocket Knife

Match Safe – Trompe L’oeil Pocket Knife

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A fine scarce figural vesta case cast as a trompe l’oeil pocket knife. The bolster flips back to reveal a hollow body; there is an integral striker on the inner and outer edge.

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Notes: This is made to mimic a pocket knife – it is not a pocket knife and has no blades etc. The body is hollow to contain matches.

Dimensions: 2 ¾” long x 1 ⅛” wide x ⅝+” deep

Condition: Very Good Condition.
For Accuracy Only: there is light wear to the plating at the extremities and the body as expected. This form match safe is typically stripped down to the brass which makes this an attractive example. The lid closes tightly.


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