Soapstone – Papialuk TULUGAK – Inuit with Baby

Soapstone – Papialuk TULUGAK – Inuit with Baby

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Papialuk Tulugak (Povungnituk, Nunavik)

Mother and Child, c. 1984
grey steatite (soapstone)
5″ high

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“What we show in our carvings is the life we have lived in the past right up to today. We show the truth.” ~ Paulosie Kasadluak

Carved in the bold Povungnituk (POV) style conveying the reality of the lived experience this carving is a dedication to the hard work and strong character of the Inuit peoples. A woman, a scarce subject matter for the predominately male subject matter of POV, a child on her back while lifting an object possibly wrapped in seal skin. The heft of the carving and necessities of Arctic Life is in contradiction to the humanism often attributed to female subjects, what George Swinton has called a ‘typically untypical paradox’ and attribute of POV carving. The resolute expression of both the mother and child, bold lines, and soft stone further convey both a pride and humility of being Inuit.

Condition: It is in Excellent Vintage Condition. 100% guaranteed from damage or repair; minimal signs of wear commensurate with age. All original label and tags are present. It is Ready for Display.

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