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Moser – Wine Goblet – ‘Lady Hamilton’ (Chartreuse)

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Moser (Austrian, Est. 1857)
‘Lady Hamilton (1936)’ Wine Goblet (Chartreuse)
gilt oroplastic band; chartreuse cut to clear crystal
7” high x 3 7/8” diameter


The Lady Hamilton collection was conceived in 1934 in the design department of the Moser glassworks, then led by Professor Hussman. It was inspired by Emma Hamilton, the wife of British diplomat William Hamilton and the alleged mistress of Admiral Horatio Nelson. Her famed beauty inspired many artworks, including this luxurious collection of glasses. It is adorned with the “papal cut”, which requires the creators to keep the proportions, depth and width of the surfaces perfect. The goblets, thick-sided at the base and thin-sided at the top, are truly unique, something only Moser can manufacture.  

The graceful design of a collection authored by the Moser glassworks itself is a work of true masters. It begins with the goblet’s sides of uneven thickness, gradually thinning towards the edge. Then, precisely cut facets are cut into its surface, crowned by elegant curves beneath the mouth. This is what we call the “papal cut”, and it requires the maker to follow the proportions, depth and width of the surfaces perfectly, turning it into a prime example of the Moser glassworkers’ craftsmanship.” ~ Moser on Lady Hamilton

 Markings: acid-etched signatures; original stickers

Condition: Antique, Excellent

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moser lady hamilton chartreuse wine goblet
Moser – Wine Goblet – ‘Lady Hamilton’ (Chartreuse)
$295.00 $295.00