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Victorian – Vase – Pink Organic, 4 7/8″

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Description & Notes: The alienesque form of this British art glass vase is particularly unique in its expression. With cased white over fleshy pink egg form body, and pulled crimped mouth it exhibits an organic nature not often found in Victorian rose bowls.

Likely made in the Stourbridge area of England, with a strong possibility at the Stevens & Williams glass works,  it follows the often surprisingly futuristic mode of British Art Nouveau, incorporating blown, cased and crimped techniques to create a seemingly living flower bulb with exaggerated blooming mouth. In contrast to the refined Victorian on ovoid form bodies with ruffle mouths commonly found in “traditional” rose bowls this presentation fits well within both naturalist and contemporary science fiction environments. Indicative of the cutting edge anticipation of the coming modernizing era it pushes the limits with invigorating presentation. 

Markings: Art glass from this period and region is often left unsigned, as follows with this example. Signs of production technique are found with the carbon gather within pontil scar, another common occurrence.

Dimensions: 4 7/8” high x 3 ½” diameter

Condition: A period piece it is offered in superb original condition – no damage, no repair.
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age.

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Victorian – Vase – Pink Organic, 4 7/8″
$295.00 $295.00