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Paperweight – Perthshire – Bottle

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Perthshire (Scottish, 1968-2002)
Perfume Bottle/Inkwell Paperweight
5 ½” high x 3 ¼” diameter

Description: A fine Perthshire paperweight perfume bottle / inkwell of heavy clear glass with millefiori stopper and core in pastel, blues, pinks and whites, signed.

Markings: Perthshire 1970 “B” Signature Cane, center of millefiori pack

Dimensions: 5 ½” high x 3 ¼” diameter

Condition: Excellent – Ready for Use / Display.

Artist/Maker Biography: Perthshire (Scotland, 1968-2002) Located in Crieff, Perthshire evolved out of the Scottish studio glass paperweight tradition founded by Ysart in the 1920s and morphing through different iterations – Ysart, Vasart, Strathearn into Perthshire with glass artists Stuart Drysdale, John Deacons, Jack Allan, Peter & Neil McDougall.

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Perthshire Bottle Paperweight
Paperweight – Perthshire – Bottle
$325.00 $325.00