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Flatware – Spoon – James Wintle, Fiddle & Shell, Master Salt, 1817

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James Wintle (London, England) [JW]
Fiddle & Shell Pattern Master Salt Spoon, 1817
gilt wash, sterling silver
4 1/8” long; 11.7 grams

Description: James Wintle is the son of George Wintle and both were jailed in 1812 for Duty Dodging – they were forging silver marks. The verdict in the 1813 trial was surprisingly not-guilty, as both had admitted to the charge, and even odder James subsequently ‘falls up’ and becomes the Inspector for the Commissioner of Stamps.  (Source: 925-1000) It should be noted that this spoon is missing the London hallmark but is sterling silver and undoubtedly produced at the family shop in London, England four year later.

Condition: Antique, Very Good
For Accuracy: an antique item it may show expected light signs of age. The handle is monogrammed in fancy script and there is some light wear to the gilt washed interior.

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james wintle master salt fiddle shell sterling 1817
Flatware – Spoon – James Wintle, Fiddle & Shell, Master Salt, 1817
$65.00 $65.00