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Reminiscent of Namikawa Sosuke – Vase – Cloisonne

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Reminiscent of Namikawa Sōsuke (Japan, 1847-1910)
Mandarin Ducks
cloisonne vase
9 1/2″ high x 4 3/8″ diameter

Description & Notes: A Japanese cloisonné vase of baluster form with defined shoulder and slender neck, featuring a pair of Mandarin ducks amongst wild foliage on the front and a single duck coming in for landing on the back, all on black1 ground with short geometric bands near the applied mounts, mouth and foot. Reminiscent of Namikawa Sōsuke, the finely worked silver wire, subtle gradations and soft blended edges, are directly influenced by tradition Kachō-ga (birds and flowers) painting.

1 This may be a deep blue rather than black, it is difficult to tell. When photographed with a white balanced and calibrated set-up it photographs deep blue (midnight blue).

Dimensions: 9 ½” high x 4 3/8” diameter 

Markings: No visible markings.

Condition: A period piece, it is found in very good original condition, no damage, no repair. For accuracies sake only it shows acceptable and expected light pitting and wear to the base – signs of authenticity. The is very very slight 5/8” edge compression on the bottom mount without any damage to the above enamel; the vase sits flush and this is only noticeably under close scrutiny. The enamel presents a fine mirror like finish, the mounts a natural aged patina.

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Reminiscent of Namikawa Sosuke – Vase – Cloisonne