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SOLD – Manning Bowman & Co – Teapot – Morning Glory Enamelware

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Manning Bowman & Co (West Meriden, Connecticut, 1849-1945)
Morning Glory Enamelware Teapot
Enamel, Pewter, Copper
9 ⅞” high x 8 ⅞” wide

Graniteware coffeepot / teapot / hot water pot with enameled polychrome morning glory bouquets either-side on white ground, the spout, lid, and handle in pewter and the base ring in copper to protect from chipping. Made by Manning Bowman & Co. (Meriden, Connecticut, 1849-1945) circa 1889-late 1890s.

Reference: 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles, pp. 533 @ $225-$325; Linda Campbell Franklin, 3rd Edition, 1991

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