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SOLD – Royal Worcester – Vase – Thistle

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British Aesthetic ‘Blush Ivory’ vase decorated with ”asymmetrical and scattered” hand-enamelled “art sprays” of thistles and wild flowers, embellished at the borders and handles in 22 carat gold, made by Royal Worcester, mold number 1663, registration number 167140, circa 1898. The curious form is inspired from nature and has a quatrelobed body with a textured neck, coral handles and a crenelated coral rim. The body décor and form create a union between the land and sea.

The production was a “complex and expensive process” and cannot be overlooked. Made of a parian porcelain body the decorating process was elaborate involving a total of five firings to build up the glazes and decoration to a finished state. The interior is glazed with a matt ivory, the exterior with a matte butter than further blushed with a matte apricot glaze before being painted with the flowers then gilt and burnished.

Reference: Royal Worcester Blush Ivory, Worcester Porcelain Museum, 2009

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