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Bitossi – Vase – Cordova, 259/3, Aldo Londi

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Aldo Londi (Italian, 1911-2003)
for Bitossi Ceramiche (Italy, Est. 1921)
for Rosenthal-Netter Inc. (Italy, 1950-)
for amram’s (Toronto, Canada)
‘Cordova Series’ 259/3 Vase
blue and green glazed pottery
5 1/8” high x 6 ¾” diameter

Description: A 256/3 vase from the Cordova Series, of slightly shouldered spherical form with raised neck and everted mouth, decorated with concentric rings of alternating blues and greens, by Aldo Londi, for Bitossi and imported by Rosenthal-Netter Inc. for amram’s in Toronto, Canada.

While this series is commonly referred to as being Rimini Blu due the impact and memorability of the distinctive blue colour and textured pottery, Rimini Blu is actually a distinct Series whose design elements include the incised bands and friezes absent from the Cordova Series. The Cordova Series makes a greater use of the textural quality and subtle gradients of colour.

Markings: original Rosenthal-Netter Inc., amram’s label on base

Condition: Vintage, Excellent

Reference: BitossiCeramiche.it

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bitossi aldo londi cordova series vase
Bitossi – Vase – Cordova, 259/3, Aldo Londi
$350.00 $350.00