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SOLD – Nicholas HORNYANSKY (1896-1965) ARCA OSA ‘Fort Mississauga’, aquatint

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Nicholas Hornyansky (Hungarian/Canadian, 1896-1965) ARCA, OSA, CPE, FIAL, ACPS
‘Fort Mississauga’
(image): 4 ¼” high x 5 13/16” wide
(frame):  8” high x 9 ¼” wide

Label:Fort Mississauga. / Happy the nation that has no history! Happy the fort that never sent out a shot and never received one! Such is a Fort Mississauga at old Niagara. It looks out to see golf greens spread about it; to the east to see the town on whose edge it has stood for a century and a third; to the north to see the blue waters of Lake Ontario. // The Fort, with five-foot walls, was built following the War of 1812-14, largely from bricks brought from the ruins of the town which had been destroyed in the conflict. This accounts for the large number of broken bricks mortared into the walls. // William Kirby in his Canadian Idylls has thus described the Fort: Its walls thick as a feudal keep with loopholes slashed, Contain the wreck and ruin of the town. // The earthworks at Fort Mississauga are in the shape of a star and are of an earlier date than the Fort itself, having been thrown up probably in the early years of Simcoe’s governorship. // A restoration in relatively recent years put a cottage roof (the first one was flat) on the Fort, and dormer windows, making Mississauga undoubtedly the only fort in the world thus decorated.”  ~ Louis Blake Duff

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