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Perfume – Kralik – Glatt Silverisis, Rosa Opalglas, Sterling

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Description & Notes: A Kralik Glatt Silberisis over Rosa Opalglass perfume bottle with heavy and elaborate sterling silver Art Nouveau deposit, circa 1890. Often attributed to Loetz due to its quality, this Glatt Silberisis is distinguished from Loetz Silberisis by the Kralik recognized organic tendril form and (surprisingly heavy) nearly opaque pink glass.

Art Nouveau is exuded from every part of this perfume. The stylized squat organic body has five embossed tendrils descending down the sides ending in small round coils at the waist, the body softly lobed between, as if extended fiddleheads had been placed on a small gourd. The overlay, executed by an American Company, is applied very thickly and compliments the shape of the glass following the contours of the tendrils and embellishing the lobes with repeating intertwined scrolling foliates, the raised neck and slightly flaring mouth are cinched and capped with a solid shimmering band of sterling. The trumpeting mouth offers a soft pink opening with smoothly ground interior neck in which to place the clear glass ball stopper, also covered with scrolling Art Nouveau foliates. There is a high degree of hand-engraved finishing to the design further accentuating the sinuous ornament and defining the three-dimensional character.

 Markings: The sterling is marked around the bottom band, “STERLING SILVER DEPOSIT 4A”; The base has light hand-inscribed “4”; and the base of the stopper inscribed “55 / 111”. The pontil is double polished, once directly in the middle and once larger, and then ground flat to allow the dynamic form stability.

Weight: ~243.8 grams

Dimensions: 4 ¼” high (w/ stopper)

Condition: An antique, approximately 110-125 years old, it is offered in very good condition complete with the original stopper.
For accuracy only: there are some very small, tight and short hairlines around the opening, these do not extend to the top visible surface and occur along the silvered side thus not damage and likely occurring during the silver-glass fusion process. There are also some miniscule inclusions around the body which are often noted on this decor and are thought to occur with the interaction of the warm glass reacting with the fine powder used to add the Silberisis finish. The iridescent finish offers a brilliant spectrum of silvery blues and greens, though it can be difficult to catch due to the shadow created by the primary feature – the almost trademark pink undulating form and sterling overlay. The finish has experienced some light rubbing around the waist from being polished over the years. The stopper has a flea bite on the bottom on one side and a short flake on the other; these are both completely hidden when inserted. The silver is perfect with no breaks or tears and a sumptuous silvery patina. Overall it is a scarce example of a Kralik Rosa Art Nouveau sterling overlay perfume, most are found in clear, green or a Loetz papillon, and a desirable variation of the noted tendril form.


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Perfume – Kralik – Glatt Silverisis, Rosa Opalglas, Sterling