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SOLD – Match Safe – Battin & Co – Horseshoe, Horse Racing

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Battin & Co (American, 1896-1922)
Horse Race Match Safe
sterling silver
2″ wide x 1/2″ deep x 2 1/2″ high ; 37.7 grams

Notes: A lucky oversized match safe with a high relief horse race complete with a grandstand and framed within a horseshoe; on the reverse the horseshoe frames a figural textured hoof with a prominent fuller groove. The quality is immediately apparent especially in the weight and workmanship; it is finished with attentive detailing at every stop.

Markings: impressed with Battin & Co Trident touchmark, Model no ‘251’ and ‘STERLING’ designation.

Condition: Excellent, Antique. The hinge works well and shuts tight, the match strike on the base retains a fully ridged surface.

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