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In Greek Mythology Anemone means “daughter of the wind.” It is said that when the goddess Venus sprinkled nectar on the blood of her dead lover the “windflower” sprouted in memory of their love and the Anemone plant was born.

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    Moorcroft – Bowl – Anemone

    Lovely circular Moorcroft vessel, with raised rounded sides standing on a short collar foot, and decorated with the trademark tube-lined ‘Anemone’ pattern, with distinctive blue-green brushed ground. The colours of the Anemone pattern are richly infused with pinks, blues, purples and greens.  The gradation to the background is particularly attractive with deeper blues-greens adding dimension behind the floral setting. Scroll Down for further details
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    $299.00 $299.00
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    Moorcroft – Vase – Anemone

    The inspiration for this particular motif can be traced back through various successive Moorcroft patterns. This particular arrangement of Anemone flowers is highly reminiscent of the flowing Art Nouveau manner of William Moorcroft’s earlier Florian line Poppy pattern and the 1923 Big Poppy pattern. Scroll Down for further details
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    $245.00 $245.00
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    moorcroft anemone lamp(5)

    SOLD – Lamp – Moorcroft – Anemone

    Sold Moorcroft (England, Est. 1897) ‘Anemone’ Lamp, c. 1953-1978 Royal Warrant paper label (pottery) 8” high (lamp) 20 3/8” high (w/ finial)