Rene Lalique (France 1860-1945)


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Founder of Lalique, René Jules Lalique was a French jeweller, medallist, and glass designer known for his creations of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewellery, chandeliers, clocks, and automobile hood ornaments. see also: Lalique (France Est 1888); Marc Lalique (France 1900-1977);

  • lalique bacchantes vase (1)

    Lalique – Vase – ‘Bacchantes’, Frosted, Crystal, 9 3/4″

    Offers Considered Lalique (France, Est. 1888) Rene Lalique (France, 1860-1945) ‘Bacchantes’ Vase Frosted, Molded, Crystal 9 ¾” high Notes: An Iconic French Art Deco ‘Bacchantes’ vase in clear frosted crystal, originally designed by Rene Lalique in 1927 and made by Lalique since. Each vase takes around 30 hours to make. The female form was one of René Lalique's most constant sources of inspiration throughout his career. The Bacchantes correspond to the Maenads of Greek mythology. The young priestesses of Bacchus - depicted naked in a bas-relief, performing a round dance to celebrate the god of wine, the vine and excess - exude a haunting aura of sensuality.” ~ Musée Lalique  
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    lalique jamique ashtray

    SOLD – Ashtray – LALIQUE – ‘Jamaique’

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    Sold Lalique (France, Est. 1888) René Jules Lalique (France, 1860-1945) Art Deco ‘Jamaique’ Ashtray #296 frosted crystal, c. post-1977 5 ½” diameter x 1 ¼” high Notes: A french Art Deco ashtray #296 in the 'Jamaique' (Jamaica) pattern originally designed c. 1928 by Rene Lalique (France, 1860-1945) and made of molded frosted crystal at Laliqe et Cie.
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    lalique soudran ashtray

    SOLD – Ashtray – LALIQUE – ‘Soudan’

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    Sold Lalique (France, Est. 1888) René Jules Lalique (France, 1860-1945) Art Deco ‘Soudan’ Ashtray frosted crystal, c. post-1977 4 3/8” square Notes: French Art Deco Soudan pattern ashtray designed in 1934 by Rene Jules Lalique and made at Lalique et Cie, France, signed appropriately on the flat cut base, ‘Lalique France’. The Art Deco design of parallel zigzags alternate with a line of clear then a line of frosted and textured zigzags with repeating dots, the whole made of one cut and polished piece of glass of the highest quality.
  • rene lalique dahlia cologne

    Cologne – Rene LALIQUE – ‘Dahlia’, No.1 (615), 8″

    $3,500 Lalique (France, Est. 1888) René Jules Lalique (France, 1860-1945) ‘Dahlia’ Cologne Bottle, No. 1 (615) frosted blue crystal 8” high Notes: This mold made pattern is known as Dahlia; the design first issued in 1923 resembles the head of the flower for which it is named. The front and back of the round bottle is flattened; each is deeply embossed with a design of flower petals around a dished center within which are graduated rings of dark blue enameled stamen. The rounded sides are undecorated, there is a short mouth fitted with a dome shaped frosted clear glass stopper and the bottle rests on a flat rectangular foot.It comes in multiple sizes No. 1 (615) being the largest.
  • lalique perfume lilies of the valley (2)
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    Perfume – Lalique – ‘Clairefontaine’

    Lalique (France, est. 1888) René Jules Lalique (France, 1860–1945) ‘Clairefontaine’ Perfume crystal, post-1945 4 5/8” high x 3 ¾” wide Scroll down for further details
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  • lalique pinsons bowl finches (6)
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    Lalique – Bowl – Pinsons

    Lalique (France, Est. 1888) Rene Lalique (France, 1860-1945) ‘Pinsons’ (Finches) Bowl Clear, Frosted, Molded 9 ¼” diameter Description: Designed by Rene Lalique in 1933, this ‘Pinsons’ or “Finches” bowl was reissued by Lalique, France in 1951.  The elaborate Art Deco design shows finches hidden among an intricate weaving of blackberry brambles. Scroll Down for further details
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  • rene lalique archers ashtray

    Ashtray – Rene Lalique, ‘Archers’, c. 1922

    Offers Considered Rene Lalique (France, 1860-1945) Lalique et Cie (France, Est. 1888) 'Archers' Ashtray, c. 1922 opalescent glass molded mark 'R. LALIQUE'; engraved in script 'France N: 278' 4 5/8” diameter x 7/8” high An early Rene Lalique (1860-1945) Archers ashtray in frosted opalescent glass, made by Lalique et Cie, circa 1922. The decorative outer rim showcases molded relief of six Art Deco friezes of nude male archers around a circular concave inner bowl; the outer edge is slightly angled outwards. The base is clear with no frosting.