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Cologne – Rene LALIQUE – ‘Dahlia’, No.1 (615), 8″

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Lalique (France, Est. 1888)
René Jules Lalique (France, 1860-1945)

‘Dahlia’ Cologne Bottle, No. 1 (615)
frosted blue crystal
8” high

Notes: This mold made pattern is known as Dahlia; the design first issued in 1923 resembles the head of the flower for which it is named. The front and back of the round bottle is flattened; each is deeply embossed with a design of flower petals around a dished center within which are graduated rings of dark blue enameled stamen. The rounded sides are undecorated, there is a short mouth fitted with a dome shaped frosted clear glass stopper and the bottle rests on a flat rectangular foot.It comes in multiple sizes No. 1 (615) being the largest.

Condition: Antique, Excellent
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age.

Reference: ‘The Glass of Lalique.’ Vane Perche. pp. 97.; ‘Rene Lalique et Cie. Lalique Glass: The Complete Illustrated Catalogue for 1932’ pp. 115

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rene lalique dahlia cologne
Cologne – Rene LALIQUE – ‘Dahlia’, No.1 (615), 8″
$3,500.00 $3,500.00