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Caughley – Teapot with Underplate – Fenced Garden, Gilt

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Caughley Porcelain Works (England, c. 1775-1799)
‘Fenced Garden’ Teapot with Cover and Underplate
gilt highlights, transfer-printed in underglaze blue, soft-paste porcelain
(teapot) 7 ¼” long (spout to handle) x 4 ½” diameter x 5 7/8” high (at finial)
(underplate) 5” diameter x 1 ¼” high

Notes: An 18th century Caughley (England, c. 1775-1799) soft-paste porcelain teapot with underplate decorated with the ‘Fenced Garden’ pattern transfer-printed in underglaze blue with gilding to finial, rims, borders, spout and handle. The ‘Fenced Garden’ border is considered unique to this pattern.

Markings: printed S mark within an impressed double circle

Condition: Good, Antique
For Accuracy: an antique it may show expected light signs of age. The finial has broken off at some point in the distant past and been repaired, there is a chip to the spout tip and some loss to the gilding. Gilding is often rubbed off completely so the retention of most of the gilding is very nice to see as is the underplate! These are scarcely found together.

Maker: “From around 1775 to 1799, at Caughley near Broseley in Shropshire, England, Ambrose Gallimore and Thomas Turner produced some of the finest soft-paste porcelain made in England in the 18th century. Many shapes and patterns were produced, in the main useful wares: tea services, dinner services, and everyday objects that would be used in the households of the then-emerging middle classes. The porcelain was decorated largely in underglaze blue, although enamel colours and gilding were also used. Today, Caughley porcelain is highly collectable and much sought after.”

Reference: The Caughley Society; ‘Jean & Charles Bawden Collection’ 15 April, Halls Auctioneers, 2015

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caughley fenced garden teapot
Caughley – Teapot with Underplate – Fenced Garden, Gilt
$845.00 $845.00