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Moorcroft – Vase – Claremont

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SUMMARY:     Stunning and lovely Moorcroft vase expertly decorated in the rare multi-coloured Claremont pattern against a blue to green glazed ground, designed in 1903 and produced by William Moorcroft (1872-1945) circa 1918-1929, it would later be withdrawn approximately 20 years later around 1940.

DESCRIPTION: The ovoid shaped vase is hand-painted and finished with a continuous landscape of tube lined toadstools, three large ones, each separated by groups of three smaller ones, creating a fantastical, almost bio-luminescent fairy landscape, the background eerily transparent as if back-lit by the glowing light of a full-moon.

NOTES:  The Claremont pattern was sold through Liberty & Co, London. Moorcroft exemplified the forward thinking synthesis of art and industry that comprised the ‘Liberty Style’ and the Claremont pattern

CONDITION:    Excellent Vintage Condition – no damage, no repair.


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Moorcroft – Vase – Claremont