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Nicholas HORNYANSKY (1896-1965) ARCA OSA – ‘Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia’ Aquatint

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Nicholas Hornyansky (Hungarian/Canadian, 1896-1965) ARCA, OSA, CPEA, FIAL, ACPS
‘Peggy’s Cove, N. S.’
(image) 5 ½” high x 7” wide
(impression) 6” high x 7 ½” wide
(sheet) 8 3/8” high x 9 3/8” wide

Markings: titled in pencil lower left, ‘Peggy’s Cove N.S.’; signed in pencil lower right ‘Hornyansky’

Condition: Vintage, Excellent
For Accuracy: a vintage it may show expected light signs of age. It is unframed and includes the original presentation certificate from Globe Envelopes Limited where it was gifted by Edward Myers at Christmas 1945.

Presentation Text: “PEGGY’S COVE” / A colour aquatint by NICHOLAS HORNYANSKY / One of the many delightfully picturesque fishing villages dotting the shores of Nova Scotia, Peggy’s Cove, beloved by artists, dates from 1808 when the original charter was granted. Situated at the mouth of St. Margaret’s Bay, it is almost (though not quite) on the open ocean, and to watch the huge breakers dash themselves on its granite shoreline is surely an unforgettable thrill. / The rugged beauty of the place is unique on this continent; the whole area beign bare glacial rock so that even the soil for the flower beds must be carted in. One enters through a large gate, as the village itself is fenced in to keep out the Cove cattle, which are turned out to search for pasture on the barren terrain. / The community is a comparatively prosperous one, the cash received for their fish being augmented by the “summer boarder” trade. The villagers, numbering around one hundred, have a co-operative system of their own devising, which works to the good of all. The men discuss their problems and plans each evening (except Saturday and Sunday) in the town meeting hall, known as “Parliament House”. Saturday is dance night and everyone, old and young alike, turns out. Sunday, of course, sees the villagers at Church. / Globe Envelopes Limited / at Christmas 1945.

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nickolas hornyansky aquatint peggys cove (3)
Nicholas HORNYANSKY (1896-1965) ARCA OSA – ‘Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia’ Aquatint
$195.00 $195.00