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SOLD – Josephinenhutte – Vase – Emerald, Portrait, Signed

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Josephinenhutte (Silesia/Germany, Est 1842)
Portrait Vase, c. 1840-1880
Green, Gilt
8 ¼” high x 4 ½” diameter

Description: Bohemian emerald green portrait vase with shouldered ovoid form on raised foot and decorated with a field of gilt transfer scrolling foliates surrounding a large oval central opaline glass medallion.  This features a romanticized bust length portrait of a young woman with brown eyes, and flowing, curled locks of brown hair, wearing a period gold striped yellow dress with a garland of pink rose blossoms.  The painting exhibits extremely fine detailing and all the hallmarks of means and wealth. 

Markings: signed on base with gilt transfer Josephinenhütte crowned shield backstamp

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