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Flatware – Spoon – Fiddle, Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Serving Spoon

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Robert, James & Josiah Williams (Exeter, England) [RW/JW/JW]
(x2) ‘Fiddle’ Spoons, 7 ¼” long, c. 1848, 90.5 grams
(x3) ‘Fiddle’ Spoons, 6 7/8” long, c. 1848, 124.4 grams
sterling silver, ‘H’ monogram

Samuel Roberts Jr, George Cadman & Co (London, England) [SR/GC]
(x6) ‘Fiddle’ Spoons, 5 ½” long, c. 1848, 150.4 grams
sterling silver, ‘H’ monogram

Chawner & Co / George William Adams (London, England) [GA]
(x1) ‘Fiddle’ Serving Spoon, 9”, c. 1848, 73.6 grams
sterling silver, crested with a demi-lion rampant, holding in his paws a battle-axe

Condition: Antique, Excellent
For Accuracy: an antique item it may show expected light signs of age. They are monogrammed on the finial with a fancy ‘H’ and a matching crest for the Hadeswell / Hadiswell Family.*

*Royal book of crests of Great Britain, Ireland, Dominion of Canada, India, and Australasia. James Fairbairn.

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Fiddle Sterling silver Spoons 1848 439grams
Flatware – Spoon – Fiddle, Teaspoons, Tablespoons, Serving Spoon
$850.00 $850.00