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Weller – Planter – A152-10, Mottled Pink & Turqoise, 9 1/4″

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Roseville Pottery (United States, Est. 1890)
‘Tourmaline’ Console Bowl, A152-10, c. 1933-37
pink & turquoise glazed pottery
9 1/4″ diameter x  2 7/8″ high

Description: American Art Pottery console bowl in the ‘Tourmaline’ pattern, form A-152 in a rare large size, made by Roseville Pottery, circa 1933-37.  The low saucer shaped bowl has a prominent waist, semi-cinched neck, raised disc rim, and sits on an integral short ring foot.

Markings: partial gold foil label on base between stilt marks

Condition: Vintage, Excellent
For Accuracy: an vintage item it may show expected light signs of age.

Notes: This is the only example of this bowl we can find.  All other examples are 7-8” at the largest diameter – this is a full 2 ½” larger!  Even the rim diameter is 8” There is no mention of this size in any of our Roseville books.  It is either extremely rare or undocumented.  This form was continued from the earlier Carnelian line and Carnelian A-152 examples are occasionally as large as 9 ½”; my best guestimate is this is an early piece that used a Carnelian A-152 mold.


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weller A152 10 mottled planter
Weller – Planter – A152-10, Mottled Pink & Turqoise, 9 1/4″
$425.00 $425.00